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Our Mission

​Our mission is for you to learn the art of Kenpo Karate. This includes learning how and when to use it to defend ourselves

We strive to have fun while also teaching you the art of Kenpo and self-defense.

Our goal is to teach traditional Kenpo Karate along with these values that we believe in strongly:

  • Defense: how and when to defend yourself is something we believe everyone should know. This does NOT mean starting fights! It strictly means when words fail you will NOT be a victim.

  • Respect: to us this is in the classroom and out of the classroom. We believe our students should respect us and each other during class, but also their parents/siblings at home and teachers and students at school.

  • Confidence: our hope is that through karate you can find a self confidence that you are proud of. This also means outside the classroom. Believe in yourself and you can do anything that you work hard at!

  • Kindness: we want to always show kindness to everyone. Know that we are a family now and the ways we act in class and in the community reflects on one another!


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